Fundación de la Merced para la Prevención de la Violencia y la Integración Social (FUNDAMER)

Foundation for Violence Prevention and Social Integration



La Fundación de la Merced para la Prevención de la Violencia y la Integración Social (FUNDAMER) (a foundation for Violence Prevention and Social Integration) is an Argentine Civil Rights institution founded on June 19th 2004, under the legal configuration of a Foundation (National Law number 19.836). It’s a non-profit, non-governmental entity established for the common good. The foundation was authorized to function as a legal entity by the General Inspection of Justice of the Ministry of Justice under the number 1.471.387, resolution number 1332/04. Its founder, the psychologist Juan Pablo Diez Ledesma, established it with the purpose of creating an entity that will integrate the different sectors of society and reduce, consequently, the levels of violence. 

FUNDAMER is an organization formed under the framework of the Argentine National Constitution, the Human Rights, The Holly Gospels and the Teachings of the Roman Apostolic Catholic Church, moved by an ecumenical spirit and the defense of the freedom of worship as an expression of the human spirit, destined to promote human dignity and values. 

Our history goes back to activities promoted by its founder, Mr. Diez Ledesma, with his work over the past 25 years, with young people deprived of their freedom. Later, through his dedication to social activities and his intention to work for the mental and physical well being of the imprisoned, started to promote activities, to form musical bands and to organize recreational and spiritual activities as well as necessary and new elements for a prison treatment approach. 

FUNDAMER seeks, through its directors and volunteers, to improve the quality of life of the population in general, and of the imprisoned in particular by: 

·          Promoting strategies of violence prevention and social integration, for the benefit of prisoners, their families and the community as a whole, while trying to create human dignity for all. 

·          Carrying out, promoting and supporting in the imprisoned general interest, philanthropic, educational and cultural activities with the ultimate objective of full freedom, highlighting the human dignity of the person. 

·          Changing public perception through the publication of informational materials about the problems of the imprisoned. 

·           Promoting religious, cultural, educational, labour and recreational activities under the framework of the Human Rights, and helping to form a value system. 

·           Providing and organizing conferences, seminars and presentations, and promoting scientific solutions to problems in the areas of violence prevention and social integration of the imprisoned and his / her family. 

 Carrying out proposals of legislative reforms and of current regulations and offering advice to undertake this task.


Administrative Council:
PRESIDENT: Mr. Juan Pablo Diez Ledesma
COUNCIL SECRETARY: Ms. María Eugenia Dellagiovanna
TREASURER: Ms. Silvina Pérez Rodil

Executive Direction:
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Mr. Juan Pablo Diez Ledesma


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